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The Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators (JCBT) is a non-profit educational ministry which focuses on training mother-tongue Bible translators, consultants-in-training and consultants. This training, under the auspices of the Rothberg International School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, serves to allow increasing numbers of people to access to the Biblical message in their mother-tongue created from a quality translation referencing the original Hebrew text.

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Whom we serve

The JCBT/Hebrew University program is designed specifically for Bible translators. JCBT has served translators and consultants from several Bible translation agencies, including Biblica, Bible League, IBT, NBTT, SIL, TSCO, UBS, Word for the World, and Wycliffe, as well as sign language agencies like Deaf Missions and D.O.O.R. Students have come from 36 different countries.

Courses Offered

JCBT offers several courses and programs to serve translators and consultants:
Spring Semester program which focuses on teaching the TEXT of the Bible in the CONTEXT of the living Hebrew language and in Israel as the land of the Bible.
Semester Programs

Two-week courses that introduce the physical and cultural context of the Biblical text. One-month courses for advanced levels of HEBREW.

Two-week courses
Short term courses have been taught in English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Sign Language as we try to serve people from a variety of cultures.
Specialty Courses


  • “Nothing compares with personal experience of the settings of events about which I have been teaching and consulting for a lifetime. Every day I am using the resources gained.”
  • I really enjoy teaching Hebrew. It is only now, few months after the program’s graduation, that I’m realizing how much my Hebrew level had advanced as a result of my experience in JCBT. When my fellow students and myself were in Israel, we felt like we didn’t know much, but now as a teacher to those who never learned what I did, I can see the fruits of our studies.”

  • I’ve been assigned by my seminary to teach in the Old Testament Studies department, a field which I have always wanted to teach. I’m teaching Old Testament Theology, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible and a survey of the History of Biblical Israel. When I teach the various materials thought to us by the teachers of JCBT (such as the patriarchal period, their journeys and the exodus), I can see Dr. Halvor and Brian (Baruch) in front of me, explaining about the route of the patriarchs, the Transjordan, the king’s highway, and the International Highway.”

  • “How wonderful these memories are! Israel experience at JCBT left a mark on me that will remain forever. I will take that memory with me even to the next life. I will always remember JCBT, the wonderful teachers and the family we had.”

  • The Sabbaths celebrations taught us a lot about respect for biblical principles and then reinforced the concept of family life here at JCBT. We give thanks to God for the peaceful atmosphere we live in, here in the center. The peace and tranquility of this place help us to stay calm through the stresses of our studies. We are thankful for the interest that JCBT staff and volunteers take not only in us, but also in our families.”

  • JCBT 2019 Semester Program was a unique course. Besides the fact that it was all offered in French, all of its 8 students were pastors to their people, as well as Mother-Tongue Bible Translators. This gave us the opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences of these two roles that handle the Word of God.”

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