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Semester Long Courses

This academic course focuses on Hebrew as the source language of the Old Testament of the Bible. The translator is also introduced to the context of the Bible, the land in which it was written. This unique combination equips translators to provide a more accurate and natural translation into their own mother tongue as the target language. The program has been offered in conjunction with the Rothberg International School for Overseas Students of the Hebrew University since 1995.

The Language and the land: 6 semester courses

Advanced Study Program
for Translation Consultants
and Consultants-in-Training

JCBT Spring Semester 2024 at the Hebrew University Jerusalem

January 16 – June 27, 2024
5 ½ month program: 2 ½ months by Zoom - Mid-January - March
3 months in Israel – April - June

PART A: BY ZOOM - Mid-January - March

  1. Intensive Living Biblical Hebrew January 16-26
  2. Advanced Reading of Biblical Hebrew Texts and Textual Criticism (3 cr.) January 30 – February 23 (with introductory meeting January 29)
  3. Living Biblical Hebrew (6 cr.) January 29 – March 21 concurrently with courses 2 and 4 (and a third month in Israel in April)
  4. Semantics of Biblical Hebrew (3 cr.) – February 26 – March 22

PART B: IN ISRAEL – April – June (Arrival on 29 March)

  1. Continued - Living Biblical Hebrew (6 cr.) 3 April – 5 May, concurrently with the first month of course 5
  2. Historical Geography and Cultural Backgrounds of the Land of the Bible (6 cr.) 30 March – 26 May, concurrently with course 3 in April and course 6 in May. (classroom lectures + 18 days of field trips)
  3. Discourse Analysis of Biblical Hebrew (3 cr.) 4-24 May, weekends concurrently with course 5
  4. Biblical Hebrew Poetry (4 cr.) 27 May – 26 June

Graduation at Hebrew University of Jerusalem 27 June
Departure 28-29 June

Short Term Courses

Fourteen Days of Eye Opening Insights into the Hebrew Scripture and its Context

We offer several insightful courses on the historical, archaeological and geographical context of Scripture and how this understanding can impact translations. With Bible in hand, trips to Biblical sites throughout the Land are experienced with an eye toward Bible translation issues.

Since translation consultants check and approve the Biblical accuracy of the mother tongue translations, they must be knowledgeable in not only the text of the Bible but also of the context in which the words were written.

Translation consultants should have a minimum of one study experience in the Land of the Bible to learn about its geography, archaeology, flora, fauna, etc., forming an experiential dictionary of Biblical terms and resulting in improved expertise in advising toward a more accurate and natural translation.

Participation in the “Land of the Bible” Course is for Bible Translators & Consultants

The awareness of how knowing the external “context” of Scripture enhances the ability to better understand the Text has increased tremendously over the past two decades. Short term “Land of the Bible” courses designed specifically for Bible translators or scholars throughout the year. Each study tour can be tailor made and typically includes both class lectures as well as field trips throughout the Land of Israel.


The course is open to all but certain preferences apply:

1. Preferably currently consulting in a Hebrew Bible (OT) translation project. National consultants are encouraged to apply as JCBT can help in the visa process.

2. Preferably under 55 years of age.


Short-term courses by JCBT:

  • Are tailor made for consultants and translation groups.
  • Focus on how the context impacts the understanding of the original Text.
  • Are inexpensive and flexible for each group.
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Sample Schedule of Study Trips

Independent Studies

Private Tutorials in Hebrew

Private tutorials in either Biblical or Modern Hebrew, tailor made to individual needs, can be arranged through JCBT for visiting students or scholars.

Residence Studies for Scholars

JCBT also provides inexpensive residence for scholars and translators on study sabbaticals. Available only when space permits between each of the official study programs.




Embarquez pour un voyage au cœur de l’hébreu biblique du livre de Lévitique. Démêlez sa signification historique, culturelle et théologique pour la traduction de la Bible. Dirigé par des Consultants Internationaux en Traduction Biblique, Dr Samy Tioye (Alliance Bible Universelle) et Dr Judith Heath (SIL International), ce cours de trois semaines offre une exploration complète du Lévitique, enrichissant votre compréhension de son récit et de sa pertinence pour la traduction biblique dans les langues locales.

Ce cours intensif vous permettra d’:

  • Acquérir des connaissances approfondies sur le contexte historique et culturel du Lévitique.
  • Analyser les types de discours et la structure et le récit du Lévitique : les lois, les rituels et les sacrifices en discernant leur implications pour la traduction
  • Examiner les principaux termes bibliques à partir des textes sources de l’hébreu biblique.
  • Acquérir des compétences pratiques pour interpréter et traduire le Lévitique dans diverses langues.

Des travaux dirigés, des visites de sites bibliques et des conférences par des experts sur les rituels lévitiques contribueront

Le cours sera dispensé par le biais d’une combinaison de conférences, de discussions de groupe, d’ateliers interactifs et de visites de sites. Chaque semaine se concentrera sur des thèmes et des sections spécifiques du Lévitique, permettant aux participants de s’engager profondément dans le texte hébreu. Des invités, y compris des universitaires et des praticiens, fourniront des idées et des perspectives supplémentaires. Des visites de sites archéologiques et de sites culturels pertinents permettront aux participants de mieux comprendre le contexte historique du Lévitique.

Les personnes intéressées par ce cours devront :

  • Êtres des conseillers en traduction ou en formation
  • Avoir suivi l’équivalent d’une année d’hébreu biblique
  • Une bonne expérience dans le domaine de la traduction de la Bible
  • Jouir d’une bonne santé physique pour de longues déplacements et travailler sous pression

Coût du programme: 2250 USD

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes. Pour toute information relative aux coûts et au programme du cours, veuillez contacter Dr Samy Tioye (, Or Nakirekanti (

Bienvenu au cœur de la Bible Hébraïque



Embark on a journey into the heart of the biblical Hebrew of the book of Leviticus. Unravel its historical, cultural, and theological significance for Bible translation. Led by International Biblical Translation Consultants, Dr. Samy Tioye (United Bible Societies) and Dr. Judith Heath (SIL International), this three-week course offers a comprehensive exploration of Leviticus, enriching your understanding of its narrative and its relevance to Bible translation into local languages.

This intensive course will allow you to:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the historical and cultural context of Leviticus.
  • Analyze the discourse types, the structure and narrative of Leviticus: laws, rituals, and sacrifices, discerning their implications for translation
  • Examine key biblical terms from the source texts of Biblical Hebrew.
  • Acquire practical skills to interpret and translate Leviticus into a variety of languages.
  • Tutorials, visits to biblical sites, and lectures by experts on Levitical rituals will contribute to the discussion.

The course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, group discussions, interactive workshops, and site visits. Each week will focus on specific themes and sections of Leviticus, allowing participants to engage deeply with the Hebrew text. Guests, including academics and practitioners, will provide additional insights and perspectives. Visits to relevant archaeological and cultural sites will provide participants with a better understanding of the historical context of Leviticus.

Those interested in this course will be required to:

  • Be either translation consultant or consultants in training
  • Have completed one year's worth of Biblical Hebrew
  • Have a good experience in the field of Bible translation
  • Be physically healthy for long commutes and be able to work under pressure

Cost of the program: 2250 USD

Registration is now opened. For information related to the costs and to the programme of the course, please contact Dr Samy Tioye (, Or Nakirekanti (

Welcome to the Heart of the Hebrew Bible!


  • “Nothing compares with personal experience of the settings of events about which I have been teaching and consulting for a lifetime. Every day I am using the resources gained.”
  • "Wonderful experience. The course has helped me to understand the scripture better, and also it has helped me to enjoy my daily Bible reading."
  • "This has been one of the best courses and it was good to see the geography, land, animals, vegetation, etc that of the Bible. Now when I read the Bible things are becoming live and interesting."
  • "Without knowing the context of the land, my knowledge or understanding of the Bible would have been wrong. Language in the context is the essential key to make all the knowledge connected so as to become clear."
  • "I have to say that my understanding of Biblical culture and context before the course was very superficial. However, I have seen the real soil of this land, I experienced the weather/climate, I felt what we cannot get form the pictures on the internet or information in books. I am sure that I will read the Bible with more vivid eyes."
  • I am very happy to go through this to say good evening to all who are in JCBT... I returned to Benin well, and I started the service in the translation team. I attended a Fulani conference in Benin, which took place from August 27 to 31, 2019. This conference brought together about a thousand people. All are Fulani Christians from Benin. In this lecture, I presented many images of the country of Israel, and we prayed for Israel and for JCBT and all those are in JCBT.