Prayer Request for our Nigerian Brothers and Sisters

Nigeria is the origin country of many of our past students and friends. We, at JCBT, had the privilege of training and working with many Bible translators who became more than friends to us. Unfortunately, their country is going through an upheaval.

The News article here offers some information on what happened in the troubled country. One of our current students is from Jos Plateau state, north central Nigeria, the area where dozens of armed Muslims opened fire on his Christian community at the early morning of Wednesday 24th of June. The attached pictures are actually from his home town, where his wife and daughter live.

His wife reported that there has been gun shots all over the neighborhood, right after the local church service. The attackers targeted the members of the church and managed to kill over 200 people and razed several houses. According to her, the following day, a curfew from dusk to down was imposed as a result of the usability and the danger from these armed Muslim militia.

Please pray for them.

These are the prayer requests we have received from our Nigerian student this morning:

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for my family for their safety, because we do not know what will be the result of this attack. The Christian are planning for a mass protest on Wednesday.
  2. I might not be able to get to my family soon, because the road is not safe for travelling. Pray that God will protect the institution, which has been trait severally as a target for attack.
  3. Pray for the Christian body in Nigeria, which is under siege politically, we are approaching the election year in 2019 March; the present government is working hard to return using every government machinery to come back. The most of the security chiefs are Muslims and Fulani which shows why the attitude of not responding promptly to the attacks on the Christian communities.
  4. Pray for five young men in my home state that were sentence by a court to death by hanging for killing 1 Fulani man during the last war in my community in Numan federation, and there was no any Fulani man that was arrested for all the killings and destruction of properties since the inception of this government.
  5. Pray for the next year’s election that God should deliver us from the hand of this dictator. Christians who are strong that can speak are been attack and arrested by the government, indicting them with false criminal charges to destroy them.  

Your Brother in Christ.