Busy Summer at JCBT as South American Group Arrives!

Summer at JCBT is always full of activities. As the group from Angola  flew back home to their translation work, earlier this week, we were priviliged to recieve a new United Bible Society group that came to the Land of the Bible from the Americas. Bible translators from five different South America countries (Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic and Ecuador), joined together to a course that was specified for them as Bible translators.

With JCBT, they will discover the Biblical Text in its Context through high quality teaching and study tours throughout the Land. In addition to that, specially translated Spanish material and handouts were given to them to be used back in their home countries. That way, other Bible Translators from around the Spanish speaking world will benifit from what they have learned in their time here.

The group will be leaving Israel on August 11th.

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