From the Students: Maxwell From Malawi

“One Eyed Man Among the Blind is King.”

JCBT Website will feature a new section. We will collect and display various testimonies from past students. In these testimonies, alumni will share about their experience in JCBT programs, their translation work back home, new Bible Translations that were produced and prayer requests for the future.

This first post is from Maxwell, a student from Malawi who participated in 2018 Semester Program: 

“I really enjoy teaching Hebrew. It is only now, few months after the program’s graduation, that I’m realizing how much my Hebrew level had advanced as a result of my experience in JCBT. When my fellow students and myself were in Israel, we felt like we didn’t know much, but now as a teacher to those who never learned what I did, I can see the fruits of our studies. As we say in my country: One eyed man among the blind is a king.

“I’ve been assigned by my seminary to teach in the Old Testament Studies department, a field which I have always wanted to teach. I’m teaching Old Testament Theology, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible and a survey of the History of Biblical Israel. When I teach the various materials taught to us by the teachers of JCBT (such as the patriarchal period, their journeys and the exodus), I can see Dr. Halvor and Brian (Baruch) in front of me, explaining about the route of the patriarchs, the Transjordan, the king’s highway, and the International Highway.

“How wonderful these memories are! The Israel experience at JCBT left a mark on me that will remain forever. I will take that memory with me even to the next life.”

“I will always remember JCBT, the wonderful teachers and the family we had.”