Hosting the Board of the Seed Company

On February 10, we hosted the Board of Directors of the Seed Company for a Shabbat/Biblical meal in the rock chapel room of our Log Home dormitory at Yad Hashmonah (around 30 people with family members attended).  The evening was warm and informal, yet informative.

The whole event was the favor of God. It happened because Samuel Chang, CEO of Seed Company, whom we had met before, invited Halvor and me to a dinner gathering at their hotel.  The evening event resulted in email miscommunication.  We misunderstood and instead arranged for the whole Board to dine with us at our facilities, served by our wonderful Finnish volunteers who handled the evening beautifully. This “mistake” helped to create a warm and lovely atmosphere for all of us with some Shabbat songs led by our daughter-in-law.

Halvor and Brian also spoke, first sharing a video of the work of JCBT, followed by some question and answers.

Mischel, the new head of Wycliffe, stood up and said he knows about the work of JCBT and of several former students.  In particular, he mentioned a JCBT student who now directs several projects in the Congo (so remote that you cannot drive there).  “I know first-hand that the program here at JCBT makes a difference!” he reported.

Three students enrolled in our 2017 semester program who are sponsored by the Seed Company were also interviewed at a private dinner for them the following evening.

All in all, it was a successful encounter with the Seed Company leadership, for which we praise the Lord!

Mirja Ronning