Graduation of 2017 Semester Students

Class of 2017 

Graduation ceremony in Hebrew University.jpgOn June 22, our semester students were granted the certificates of completion of their 5-month course at a ceremony at the Faculty Club of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus. This closely-knit community of students (from seven different backgrounds!) were a joy to behold as they celebrated their achievements – for example by reading a verse from a Psalm translated the first time into a new mother tongue! What a privilege to serve these translators and consultants who are involved in the most important task there is – to provide the full scriptural message to their people.

Back now in their home countries, some of them in remote areas, the translators need our prayers for protection and inspiration. One of the student wives wrote these touching words:

“I am very much impressed by the whole setting of JCBT. I cannot stop telling people about the Home whenever I have the chance. Each time I share I find something better to tell. JCBT is really a Home for Bible Translators and we praise the Lord for both of you, for your vision. We will continue to pray that God will give you good health and a long life. Even with such a small number on the staff it is just amazing how each staff person coordinates and works together to make everything so perfect. The dedication of each one is commendable. What a strong team the Lord has provided for the JCBT.”