“Psalms: One Book at a Time” Beginning in 2018

Psalms: A Series



This series is designed to allow participants to focus on a given book of the Bible—its text, context and message– during an intensive time period, including:

  • A detailed cultural and historical study of the book’s background: what is known about its author and audience, circumstances of composition, inter-textual connections, and discourse goal (skopos);
  • An overview of poetic and rhetorical devices characteristic of this book;
  • A group reading of selected Psalms in Hebrew, including a textual, exegetical, literary and linguistic analysis, searching for traces of orality, clues for performance, etc.;
  • On-site field trips to areas related to the selected texts, including important geographical locations, museums with artifacts, flora and fauna, etc. relating to the text;
  • Discussions of translation issues related to the text (translation approaches, specialproblems,  questions of ambiguity, ideology, historicity, key terms, etc.);
  • Reflections on the book’s message for today’s reader-hearers and how this message can be effectively
    communicated to impact a modern audience through various media.

The atmosphere will be one of convivial group learning and exchange. Besides learning from the book, it is hoped that participants will reinforce their competencies in Hebrew, literary analysis, exegesis, and translation issues, future Bible translation work.

The first course in this series will cover varied passages from Psalms.A highlight of this course will be related visits in the Holy Land, a unique guided tour presenting the context and vocabulary of Psalm 23.


Studying and Translating the Psalms: Text in Context

Date Offered

November 1-21


Dr. Ernst Wendland, (Centre for Bible Interpretation & Translation,                                                          Stellenbosch Univ)
Dr. Lynell Zogbo, (United Bible Societies, University of the Free State)
Dr. Halvor Ronning, Co-Founder and Director of JCBT.                                       Brian Kvasnica, ABD, Hebrew University, JCBT

                     Course Location                         Course Costs

              Yad Hashmona , Jerusalem                   $ 2,000



The instruction is in English; and it is recommended that participants have a basic knowledge of Hebrew grammar and are able to use an interactive interlinear computer program such as PARATEXTor LOGOS.
Enrollment preference will be given to Masters and Doctoral students working in Bible translation.

Click here to download an electronic PDF application form that can be filled in on the computer and emailed back to JCBT.

Here you can download a PDF one page description of the course.

For further information, please contact: BibleTranslators@JerusalemSchool.org