“Land of the Bible” Courses for 2018

2018  “Land of the Bible” Courses For

Consultants and Consultants-in-Training 

“Land of the Bible” Courses

JCBT continues to offer the unique specialized short-term course on the “Land of the Bible” under the auspices of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Courses is customized to meet the needs of each group of consultants and consultants-in-training as they study and experience Biblical history, geography, archaeology, agriculture, flora/fauna, and local climate. Such contextual studies are proving to be a great contribution to a fuller and more accurate understanding of Hebrew Scripture.
The value of this experience is increasingly appreciated by Bible translation societies worldwide. Since the beginning of this Land of the Bible course for consultants in 2010, most of the 350+ participants have been sponsored by major Bible translation societies. This increased interest is continuing as can be seen in the schedule for 2018
Note: The JCBT short term course for Jan, 2019 is now open for applicants (limited to 20). 

2018 Schedule

Jan 6-19:                JCBT Course Open to All Consultants – in ENGLISH

                               Go Here for detailed information about the “Land of the Bible” short-term course.                                             Click Here to download  the application form for visa applicants and Here for all others. 

Feb 11-17:              United Bible Society (UBS),  CEO’s Francophone Africa – in FRENCH

July 15-28:             United Bible Society (UBS),  Lusophone Africa Translators – in PORTUGUESE

July 28-Aug 10:     United Bible Society (UBS),   Americas Translators – in SPANISH

Sept 2-15:              United Bible Society (UBS),  Graduated TO’s – in ENGLISH

Sept 30-13 Oct:     Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), Chinese Consultants (not confirmed) – in CHINESE

Oct 3-24:                Deaf Mission – in SIGN LANGUAGE

Oct 21-27:              United Bible Society (UBS),  Americas CEO – in SPANISH

Nov 1-22:               Special Course on Psalms (JCBT) – in ENGLISH