Biblical Hebrew Summer Course

By Brian (Baruch) Kvasnica.

In early August, six exceptional students joined us for a unique and challenging intensive Hebrew study course; a course has been offered by JCBT each August since 2017.  All of the students are experienced Bible Translation consultants that have worked mostly on New Testament translations. Their consulting work is in Madagascar, various areas of Asia, and Francophone Africa. Accompanying them is long-time friends of JCBT, Bob and Amy Carter. Bob is a Senior Translation Consultant for the Seed Company. Lasting approximately 4 weeks, the course is designed specifically for consultants who are transitioning from New Testament work to consulting Hebrew Bible translations. Each day, they will spend six full hours of focused class time immersed in Biblical Hebrew with Hebrew-speaking assistants from Hebrew for the Nations ( supplementing what they learn daily. There are also several Land of the Bible excursions planned each week to take advantage of the rich geographical, archaeological, and cultural aspects of the Land. These trips are also given partly in communicative Biblical Hebrew so they are learning about the Land also in the Language of the Hebrew Bible!  We ask you to pray for this group and the immense amount of training they will receive will here studying at JCBT.