"Land of the Bible for Bible Translation Consultants" Course Graduated

14 students, all consultants, consultants in training, or project coordinators, graduated this past Tuesday (January 28) the 3 weeks “Land of the Bible” Course. The graduated consultants are working in the following countries/regions: Kenya, Nigeria, India, Eurasia, Russia, Liberia, Papua New Guinea, China, Southeast Asia, Togo, and Benin.

“The Land of the Bible” is a special short term course on the geography, language, history, and archaeology of the land of the Bible. This program is an in-depth study tour relating Scripture text to its historical, archaeological, geographical and cultural context. With Bible in hand, trips to the Biblical sites throughout the Land of the Bible are experienced with an eye toward Bible translation issues.

GOALS OF THE COURSE INCLUDE: to gain a more thorough knowledge of the Contexts of the Hebrew Biblical text (topography, archaeology, climate, culture, flora, fauna, chronology), to employ the above “Contexts” in order to gain a greater sensitivity to the nuances of the Hebrew Biblical text, to utilize this deeper sensitivity to create translations that accurately reflect the meaning of original language’s phrases, metaphors, and nuances.

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